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How Does the Card Work - rxrelief

What is the RxRelief card?

The RxRelief card is a pharmacy discount plan that provides discounted pricing on nearly every FDA-approved medication, at over 50,000 pharmacies around the country.

We can provide these rates because we are partnered with Catamaran, a pharmacy benefit manager that offers coverage for millions of people like you.


When you buy in bulk,

you save!

Because Catamaran plans cover millions of people, they're able to negotiate great rates from pharmaceutical companies. That's the power of bulk buying!

But these great rates are usually given to big companies and organizations, not individual people like you.

When someone with insurance needs a prescription, they pay a fixed "copay". Their insurance company pays the rest. But the "rest" is a lot smaller because they have access to this bulk pricing.


The RxRelief card lets you

benefit from bulk buying.

The RxRelief card lets YOU benefit from bulk buying. These discounted rates are usually only available to companies, but there's no reason they can't be given directly to people like you.

The RxRelief card gives you the ability to buy your individual prescriptions at bulk prices, letting you save up to 75% off of your medication. The discount varies by drug and pharmacy, but the average savings is around 50%. That's meaningful savings.

The RxRelief card is not insurance, there's no long application process and it's always free. If you have insurance, the RxRelief card won't reduce your copay… but if there are any drugs that aren't covered, we can help.

What people are saying
about the RxRelief card:

"This is the best thing that’s

happened to me in a very long time.

I paid $52.34 for my

medication and saved $77.00!"

– Sara, Beaumont, TX

"This card made it possible to

get a new medication that I

wouldn’t have been able to

afford without the savings."

–Sandi, Ottawa, IL